Water Needed

This year we decided we must capture our own water. Living in Southern B.C. on the coast, we get more than ample rain the Winter, Fall and Spring. Last summer the rain was at a regular interval to water the garden every other week. But we still see signs of stress on our island from past summers that have damaged the cedar trees to their roots. They are dying everywhere. Between our neighours and us the area has lost about 10 large trees ranging from 10 – 45 feet. Living on a mainly rock base the past dry summers have created havoc with the Western Red Cedars. You can see them in the distance as well as they are dying from the top down.

With the upcoming installation of our first water barrel consisting of 2100 gallons, we will be able to provide our plants with our own water system. We will add an irrigation system as funds come available. I will continue to hand water the vegetables until I get the purification system organized.

I will post photos as work progresses.

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