I was given a handful of dried hollyhock seed pods from my friend that she got from England. I planted them in early Fall 2017 and forgot about them. In the following Spring 2018 the seeds had germinated but were so small I hardly noticed them. The in the Spring of 2019 the plants were about 12″ across and I knew I was in for a great Summer display. I had no idea what colours the small bit of seeds were but light yellow, assorted pinks, white and dark purple hollyhocks grew to a height of 8 and 10 feet sprawling across my garden fence. From the other side I could see the deer trimming the foliage and enjoying the flowers. Glad they were safely inside.

Seed collection of these beauties was abundant and I stored as many as I could. As long as we don’t have too much frost and snow the hollyhocks should come back with another dancing display of colours.

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