Swiss Chard

Thinking of what was the most successful vegetable for me I can honestly say my new love has been Swiss chard. I left it in my greenhouse all winter. It is not heated and does have a small fan in it. Only 10 feet by 12 feet so not huge. But the Swiss chard survived all winter. It was a mild Winter so not lots of snow and never froze inside, so our Swiss chard was incredible. Even as the weather got better in the Spring, the Swiss chard in the raised beds came back from last season. It will be turning to seed soon and I will collect those precious gems to use next year.

They been my best crop and the most underrated vegetable yet. I was worried about how fresh produce could get a little scarce sometime on this little island but I always had fresh chard from my garden. I stir fried it with mushrooms and onions eating it for breakfast with eggs. I put it in my smoothies, and used it in salads. I also tried it instead of cabbage for cabbage rolls and in lasagne.

I have started more to make sure I have a continued supply throughout the year and excited to know that I can always have it fresh.

The weather is now improving and although the large amounts of rain have enabled everything to grow – the slugs have started to move in. I have not been one to stay up or go out in the night to catch them so decided to try Safers Slug Bait which works great. I have also been using the copper wire scrubbers that I bought to see which was better. Happy to say both worked out well and my garden has survived the massive rain.

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