Squashes Galore

Well that was fun! I have never grown so many squashes and had a great time trying to fit them into every corner and planter I could find. All my edibles must be inside the fenced in garden to keep them safely away from the deer.

This was not a problem a few years ago but the garden seems to get bigger each season.

I started an array of squashes inside the house as it was too cold in the greenhouse. I put the seedlings inside the greenhouse in April and then transplanted them out in June when it is warmer, ensuring I don’t tamper with their gentle rooting system.

As usual there were grow lights and heat pads all over the house. In mid April I move the heat pads out to the greenhouse but have not invested in a heater there yet because I have ample room in my atrium.

The Trombetta proved to be quite a hit with family and friends. I built a trellis out of 2″ x 3″ sturdy wire to have it grow up across the bed to an arbour. They were so abundant that I had to give them away every day. I would slice them and barbecue them with herbs and olive oil or grate them and use them as hash browns. A very good crop.

The acorn and butternut squashes were harvested later at the end of September and kept quite well in a cool spot for soups in the Fall.

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