2018 Gardening begins slowly

The hellebores came on strong and continue to provide so much needed colour in our rainy environment. The deer have always left these gorgeous plants alone and they seem to flourish in the soil and temperature of the island. I have cut off all the leaves leaving the flowers to capture any sunshine we have. The intensity of their colour adds so much beauty to the drabby day.

Unlike last year the cold is still here for us on Bowen Island, BC. We have had lots of rain and the outside temperature low is hovering around 3. For me that is still too early to put the tomatoes in the greenhouse. I have however got them growing nicely in the house. This years tomatoes will include: La Roma Tomatoes Black Krim Organic Tomatoes (my all time favourite, Caiman, 4 different cherry tomatoes that I picked up on a motorcycle trip to Holland (another story) as well as an interesting one called Super Italian Paste

I have also started an assortment of squashes inside as well. I will keep you posted on how the germination is going.




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