Early Growing Season

The growing season in my part of Bowen Island seems to be at least 2 weeks ahead of last year. I thought the same thing last year so it is quite evident that the heat is increasing here. The lettuce, sorrel, green onions and kale have taken off. I have already planted a second area and some of the seeds have germinated in 4 days. The raised garden beds are working well with the shredded tree mulch. The bugs I usually get have not come to bother us yet. I am thinking it is indeed the mulch.

I have decided to try and experiment with my tomatoes. My husband, Craig, bought me a package with red plastic in it to see if it would cut down on the amount of water needed this year. The package states it will increase the tomato size and flavour. I have two beds of tomatoes to compare the results and will keep you posted. One has the red plastic and one does not. If this cuts down on the amount of water I need I will be very happy.

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