Seed (lack of) Organization

How many packs of seeds can an amateur gardener have?

I order new seeds every year ~ sometimes twice a year. I buy them at gardening stores, the grocery store and on-line. I am like a kid waiting for a present to arrive. I go through great lengths deciding what I want to try and how many I should buy. Then I find last years. Sometimes they haven’t even been opened ~ they hid in drawers all through my house and I am sure someone moves them to other locations. Crazy. Something had to be done ~ when the seeds arrived in the mail this past February I was so excited and then found 10 packs the exact same in a drawer with sewing fabric.

In comes the old CD case – the one I use to store all my backups on ~ I can honestly say I have only used one CD for my back-ups in all the years I have been computing.


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