Linking to Knowledge

Working in the garden has been a real lifesaver for me especially during this COVID 19 pandemic. Growing my own vegetables has always been a hobby but now I have processed more food, either through canning, freezing or dehydrating to have during my non growing seasons. Adding flowering plants that are bee loving has improved the yields for many of my plants and I will continue to grow them amongst my edibles.

I believe I have started way too early but with the inability to travel I have put my efforts more into the garden this year as well. I have several heat mats as well as grow light to get started. Tomato seeds that were first planted on January 30 now have to be transplanted from their seed pots to a 4″ pot due to the intense growth. The house is going to be very crowded before the weather is warm enough to transport the plants to the greenhouse. Living in a zone 8, I usually start to move things out when we get above 10 degrees celsius at night.

During my many hours of gazing lovingly at my seeds I have wondered about more gardening links on YouTube. There is so much information out there but a few have hit me pretty hard and I am now a frequent viewer. Here is my list for those crazy winter nights – Huw Richards from Wales has really captured my love for growing vegetables. For such a young age this fellow has written two books so far and has a very informative YouTube site that allows the beginner and intermediate gardener great ideas and tips how to proceed in creating the garden of your dreams. I have been using some of these tips already and look forward to learning more as we enter into Spring.

Grow Veg fills in a few gaps and helps get me motivated to try new things and remember those I seem to have forgotten over the deep freeze. Please leave me a note about your favourite site so I can link it here and learn along side the rest of you.

West Coast Seeds offers “Garden Wisdom” on all their products including time frame for planting in your zone.

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