Needed update

I feel like this is the “what I did on my summer vacation” essay instead of my blog. It should have been done before having the time but other things seem to get in the way. Since February 2020 we have all been in either a lockdown or state of panic due to the COVID 19 virus that has attacked our planet. All sales of seeds and gardening supplies have been limited not to mention food. Food items were hard to come by and everyone decided to learn how to bake sour dough bread. We have been separated from family and friends and living through the internet. I can honestly say I have done more online shopping than I have ever done. But there have also been some incredible events have happened in our little community on Bowen Island.

Money was not readily exchanged as we did not know how the virus would spread so people began trading and sharing more. More seedlings were planted and people were selling their wares or offering exchanges for items they needed. I have a greenhouse and more seeds than one person should possibly have and was able to take part in some lively and fun exchanges. For many of my seed packs or plants I got ripple potato chips (a solid pantry staple), bags of sea soil, candles, soap, gravel as well as donations made in my name to the local pet protection. People opened their hearts to see who needed help and where. It was great to see our community so helpful.

So why with all this time did I not complete the above blog? I guess there was an urgency to get things complete around the house and in the garden. I can honestly say my house has been painted and organized more this past year than ever. I canned more beets, pickles, jams and tomatoes that ever thinking I may have to have another lockdown. It is an incredibly hard time for many people and I hope we can all find some sort of peace and creative outlet to let our spirit stay calm.

Now begins the Winter of 2021 and we have a bit of snow. I have started some seeds under grow lights and await the next few weeks when I can start more inside for our upcoming Spring. Peppers and broccoli grow in the house as the Swiss chard continues to flourish in the greenhouse.

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