My tomatoes this season have been incredible. I order my seeds from West Coast Seeds – they ship quickly and I don’t have to leave the island. This year I tried Sunsugar cherry tomatoes – such a delicious flavour that they don’t usually make it to the house. They are crack resistant and the year is wonderful.

The Juliet tomatoes have filled the beds – large clusters of small roma tomatoes that grow in climbs. They re sweet and don’t have the seedy centres that some tomatoes have – such a huge amount –

Juliet roma tomatoes

This incredible Celebrity tomato is rich in flavour with large meaty fruit. I have had no cracks, firm and vines are very strong producing an amazing yield. Cutting into them, the cavities are not large and they are not too seedy. The slices are excellent for salads and sandwiches. Mine will be going into making salsa in jars for the winter.
These were also started by seed from West Coast Seeds.

Tomato Recipes

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  1. Jamie Oliver says:

    Wow! Thems some good look’n tomatoes.

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