City girl moves to an island

welcome to my first blog…….

It was time for a change. Our third and youngest child was going to go away to university. We did not have to have the house where she grew up in any longer. Yes this did turn the family in quite an uproar but with the house being 45 years old upkeep and repair was going to put us in more debt than we could imagine. After pondering the replacement of our garage with options of a lane way house as well as a triplex our funds and retirement would be depleted. The thought of travelling and working part time would not become a reality. We would have to work the rest of our lives and be at each other’s throats. In comes the French rose wine on our sunny deck the summer of 2011. The scenario that could relieve our minds and keep us in a comfortable manner could become a reality or we could continue to pour money down the drain. The decision to sell came in January 2012 – the sale was quick –
From this point my life changes dramatically – I am not longer chained to a desk 5 days a week and we decide to move to a quieter environment. Bowen Island becomes our new home and city girl gets to finally have fun retrieving from her brain the things that made her into a hippy!
Creative energy has begun to flow again and I am loving it. My hands are back to being my creative tools and I am have retrieved the skills I thought I had lost – and creating more – Time to track my thoughts …..

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